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Event Writeups 2014

Page history last edited by Anabel Marsh 5 years, 8 months ago

Writeups from Library Camp Glasgow 2014


Karen McAulay Do you practice what you preach?


Anabel Marsh Storify


Fiona Hughes Professional Registration - does it meet our needs?


Glasgow Library Tweetups Library Camp Glasgow 2014 (this post contains the photographs from the event, courtesy of Lynn Corrigan.) 


Lorna Robertson Library Camping again 


Jennifer Higgins Library Camp Glasgow


Jane Furness Innovative information literacy


Jennifer Horan A future advocate?


Jennie Findlay Reinventing the wheel


MmITS Library Camp 2014 – Winner of MmITS Sponsored ‘MmITS Minute of Madness’


SALCTG Library Camp Glasgow - We Sponsored, and Amanda Brennan Reports on a Great Day


 Anabel Marsh Library Camp Glasgow - where next?


Karen McAulay To conference or to unconference? That is the question!


Isabel Hood Musings on 2014...Library Camp Glasgow


Links to sites / tools mentioned at Library Camp


23 Librarians




Comic Life






IFTTT (If this then that)




Library A to Z


Redfox Press


Scottish Pen


Voices for the Library




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