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MmITS Minute of Madness (redirected from Soapbox)

Page history last edited by Anabel Marsh 5 years, 10 months ago

Got a burning passion or frustration about libraries, librarianship or a related topic? Here's your chance to get it off your chest. 


60 seconds to get your point across in a mad rant - there'll be a prize for the best, this year sponsored by MmITS who have generously donated a Kindle Fire. See below for last year's brave ranters - the winner was Andrew McDougall - and make your own pitch at the top of the table.


Use the username/password you received to add or edit your pitch


Ranter Title
Sharron Wilson  User engagement -  many of us are active and prolific users of social media platforms in our personal life. A lunch break or a tea break does not go past without a quick "like" or retweet. Why is it that when it comes to using them in our professional capacity many of us turn into lurkers? What does it take to get more librarians to actively use public and private group social media platforms to communicate with each other?
Jennifer Higgins  Covering gender bias in representations of the female librarian - a poetic quip about the perils (or should that be pearls?) of image stereotypes. (Winner 2014)
Karen McAulay
Diigo and Me. I'm hooked on this social bookmarking tool.  Let me tell you why!
Fiona Hughes   Data collection at public library events Why - and what is done with the info? (Pitched on the day).
2013 Rants  

Joanna Ptolomey

 Co-production - a really useful process for redesigning services or just another buzzword that will be out of fashion in a few years?
Andrew McDougall  The Dead Hand of Organisation.  We have talented, enthusiastic people with a strong sense of library mission and purpose - until the organisation knocks it out of them.  We need a better way of supporting service delivery. 
Sheila Williams  e-books, they are just a bit rubbish aren't they? 
Karen McAulay Old Scottish song and tunebooks tell us so much about their compilers’ interests and values – if librarians are shown rare books or manuscripts of this sort, they should not underestimate their value, not only to musicians but to social historians too.



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